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Zero Harm Day - 2018


What Would MyKey Do Posters





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Brand Guide

We encourage you to personalize Zero Harm in a way that fits the culture of your workplace, but we do have guidelines on how to use it. Please refer to this brand guide for those instructions.


New Keys to Life have been developed to better conform to KBR field activities. You will find the new posters and icons below. The old Keys to Life should be replaced with the new posters by October 1, 2017. KBR Key Office Behaviors are unchanged at this time.


The Zero Harm banner is a large, visible testament to each employee’s commitment to safety. Please have this banner printed locally and conduct a signing ceremony during which all employees sign their name to the banner. Then, hang it prominently and proudly for everyone to see. This banner should also be used as part of all location specific new employee induction processes after the initial signing ceremony. This banner is a key element to the Zero Harm initiative; as ELT and HSSE leaders visit your site, they will expect to see it.

Logos and Icons

We have included two file types of the Zero Harm logo: JPG versions that you can easily use, and EPS versions that a professional print shop might need for larger print jobs.

Badge Cards

Courage to Care Conversation Cards

Project or Office Submitted Zero Harm Material

This Zero Harm material was developed by project or office personnel and are approved to be used by other locations.

As the year progresses, you will receive more details and information from HSSE on Zero Harm and how to implement this initiative successfully in your workplace.